Creating a strong bond between

owners and their dogs!


Training can provide a way to communicate with your dog this is essential to any relationship. Once you both speak the same “language,” you can develop the trust and confidence necessary for your dog to feel that special loyalty toward you. Training helps your dog to focus on you and ignore the many distractions that might be present. The engagement your dog has with you is essential in building a strong bonding relationship.


Dave Zant is an experienced handler, mentored by many in the dog training world including former

Navy Seal Dog Trainer Mike Ritland of

 TRIKOS-Team Dog Training.







































 Improve on or build new training techniques private one on one training sessions 

with you and your dog.


Sessions run $30.00 per/hr, flexible days. 


 -Puppy Training - house training manors.

 -Basic Obedience - Sit, down, stay, come. 

 -Building focus - Engagement with your dog.   

 -Shyness and anxiety - Building confidence.  

 -Loose leash - Walking, heal, reactivity.

 -Recall- long distance emergency down.

 -Obstacle training, hurdles, walks & crawls.

 -Scent Detection- Search & Article Indication.  


We also have an outdoor agility training area!

 Hurdles * Crawls * Walks * Tunnels* Window Jumps * Scent  Detection Training Wall.






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